Nurturing Talent Mentoring Scheme

About being a mentor


What is the mentoring scheme?

The Leeds mentoring scheme links up professionals from bioscience and other industries to act as mentors to students in the Faculty of Biological Sciences.

We have developed the mentoring scheme to provide students with the opportunity to enhance their employability, expand their professional networks and increase their confidence.


As a mentor you could support a mentee in many ways, for example, discussing career plans, sharing your knowledge of the workplace, and guidance on the interview and selection process.

What commitment do you need from me?

  • We ask you to offer at least one hour a month of your time, for at least a year
  • You can mentor in person and/or online
  • Listen to the needs of your mentee and help guide them
  • Attend a half-day training workshop in Leeds to cover the basics of mentoring

What do I gain from taking part in the scheme?

  • Engage in the local community and invest in its success
  • Target potential employees of the future
  • Improve your communication skills and leadership qualities
  • Develop your relationship with the Faculty of Biological Sciences

What are the benefits for the Faculty?

  • The programme is particularly aimed at students who are less likely to have a network of contacts – you will help them to build their own professional network and assist in their career development
  • Our students become more confident
  • The students will gain a better understanding of how companies work
  • It develops employer relationships with the Faculty of Biological Sciences

Would I make a good mentor?

  • Are you a professional with at least two years of work experience?
  • Are you enthusiastic and committed to the idea of mentoring?
  • Can you listen and offer constructive guidance and support?
  • Can you identify the mentee's strengths and weaknesses and develop their potential?
  • Can you make time to be in contact with the mentee?
  • Are you keen to see people develop and succeed?

Next step

To discuss the next steps in becoming a mentor please contact our mentor co-ordinator Chris Sutcliffe