Careers and employability

Summer Internships

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Summer internships are a fantastic way of gaining valuable experience within the workplace or a research environment without completely a full year in industry placement. While you are responsible for your own internship application, the Faculty of Biological Science student opportunity team are always on hand to give guidance and advice.

Examples of previous summer internship opportunities have included:

  • GlaxoSmithKline summer placement - this placement lasted 8-12 weeks, and students have worked in areas such as R&D, finance, marketing and tech.
  • Smithsonian Marine Station, Florida – interns have assisted in lab-based experiments for average pay $400 per week lasting 4 - 8 weeks.
  • The Genetics Society – is a grant of £200 per week for 8 weeks to find your own research project and includes a summer school programme based in Edinburgh.

Leeds Internship Programme

Is a service run by the University of Leeds careers service which assists students in finding 8-12 week paid internships during the summer in local Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs), charities and multi-nationals. Once enrolled at the university, you will be given the opportunity to access the Leeds Internship Programme and seek advice on finding the right placement for you.

Summer School Programmes 

If you are interested in studying abroad but don’t want to take a whole year out to do so then a summer school programme could be for you. We helped students find summer school programmes that allow them to study at one of our partner universities during the summer holidays. 

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Summer school student, Adam Wilson, in labAdam Wilson, MBiol Biological Sciences
Summer School programme at Korea University, South Korea and Hong Kong University of Science and Technology the following year.
“Experiencing such vastly different cultures opened my eyes to a global community of international students. I was able to study courses both related to my degree and to my own interests.”