Ashlea Rowley


I am a PhD researcher in the Cellular Cardiology group, focusing on engineering novel binding molecules to enhance super-resolution microscopy for cardiovascular research.

Research interests

My research focuses on engineering novel molecules which can be exploited as tools in super-resolution imaging. In order to do this I have been using biophysical applications to determine the kinetics and affinities of binding reagents and collaborating with microscopists to establish the relationship between these parameters and image quality. I am also interested in reducing the distance a label is from the target molecule (linkage error) to achieve more accurate representations of true molecular scale in cells. I am currently developing nanobodies to use in conjunction with my novel research tool so we can draw comparisons with materials already available and aim to supercede them to maximise resolution and minimise linkage error.


  • BSc Biochemistry Class I
  • PGCE Secondary Science

Research groups and institutes

  • Cardiovascular