Richard Dickson

Richard Dickson


I have a BSc in Sports Science and Physiology from the University of Leeds with a year exchange studying Neuroscience at the University of Auckland. I am currently undertaking a PhD with the working title “Intraspinal Mechanisms Underlying Functional Recovery in Rehabilitation”. I believe this project has the potential to directly and substantially improve the lives of paraplegic patients around the world. Exploring the structural organisation of the spinal cord before and after injury has the potential to shed light on the fundamentals of motor learning in the spinal cord.

During my studentship I aim to discover the mechanisms how epidural stimulation works to restore locomotor function following injury. I intend to look specifically for γ-motor neuron changes in the spinal cord with the aim of increasing the understanding of the spinal network changes that take place in the recovery of locomotor function post injury.

I am interested in a variety of areas within the spinal cord injury field. At present I am involved in research using an antibody against the inhibiory molecule Anti-Nogo-A. The goal of the research is to optimise combinational interventions including rehabilitative training, plasticity promotors, neurotrophic factors, and epidural electrical stimulation to affect recovery of locomotion following spinal cord injury.


  • BSc Sports Science and Physiology (int)