Jude Lane

Jude Lane


I am NERC DTP student in the Ecology and Evolution Group. I study the three-dimensional foraging behaviour of Northern gannets (Morus bassanus) by integrating location, flight height and dive depth data.

Prior to starting my PhD in seabird ecology in 2014, I worked for the RSPB monitoring and protecting breeding hen harriers in the Forest of Bowland AONB. My role involved working with the land owner United Utilities and their tennants, in conjunction with other stakeholders, to provide a safe and suitable habitat for these rare and protected birds of prey to breed. My work also involved liasing with stakeholders over protection at winter roost sites and promoting a legal and sustainable upland management model.


British Ornithologists' Union

British Ecological Society

The Seabird Group

Research interests

My research combines data on location, flight height and dive depth to investigate the foraging behaviour of Northern gannets from Bass Rock. I am specifically interested in the mechanisms driving sex-specific foraging behaviours in this sexually size monomorphic seabird and how weather conditions at sea affect their foraging behaviour. The foraging behaviour of seabirds in the North Sea is also of particular interest in relation to the planned increase in off shore wind infrastructure. My work is also able to inform about sex- and age- specific behaviour of gannets within proposed development sites.


  • 2008: MSc Biodiversity and Conservation
  • 2004: BSc Sports Science (Outdoor Activities)(Industrial)