Luke Souter


I graduated from the University of Bristol Biology department in 2012 and took up a position at the Sanger Institiute. I worked as a research assistant working on the mouse genetics programme in the developmental biology and histology laboratories. In 2015 I joined a central doctorate training programme (CDT) at the University of Leeds in the Mechanical Engineering department where I undertook an MSc in tissue engineering and regenerative medicine. I am now a PhD student in Jessica Kwok's lab looking into the biochemical and biophysical properties of a specialised extracellular matrix structure in the central nervous system. 

Research interests

I am intersted in researching how the extracellular matrix influences neuronal behaviour in the central nervous system. Specifically I am researching a specialised extracellular matrix structure called a perineuronal net. 

My research project is looking into heterogeneity in the biochemical makeup of these structures in the central nervous system and how these differences may influence their biophysical properties. 


  • MSc Tissue Engineering and Regenerative Medicine: Distinction
  • BSc Biology: 1st class Hons