Mattia Scalabrin (PhD)

Mattia Scalabrin (PhD)


Throughout my academic career I have immersed myself within the fields of physiology and molecular biology of skeletal muscle. Following my BSc in Sport Science at the University of Verona (Italy) I Joined the European Masters (MSc) in Health and Physical Activity at the University of Rome (Italy). During my master, I had the opportunity to apply for a nine-months traineeship in Professor Caporossi’s molecular biology laboratory where I was introduced to the field of the muscle biology and muscle ageing with a special focus on redox biology. 

After my master, I started a PhD at the University of Liverpool (UK) working, under the supervision of Dr. Vasilaki and Prof. Jackson, on a project focused on determining the role that Reactive Oxygen Species play in skeletal muscle denervation, with a special focus also on mitochondrial dynamics and muscle ageing. 

Currently, I am a MRC funded postdoctoral fellow in muscle biology working in the Dr. Bowen’s lab. Adopting different molecular, biochemical and physiological techniques; working in close collaboration with clinicians I am focused on understanding the process of muscle wasting in diabetes and heart failure in rodents and patients. 

Research interests

My research interests are:

  • Muscle biology,
  • Muscle physiology,
  • Physiology of muscle contraction, 
  • Muscle wasting in ageing and diseases (in particular CHF and Diabetes)
  • Musle ageing,
  • Mitochondria dynamics,
  • Redox biology and signalling. 


Professional memberships

  • The Physiological Society (
  • The Society for Free Radical Research Europe (

Research groups and institutes

  • Cardiovascular - Post doctorates
  • Sport and exercise sciences - Post doctorates