Dote Stone

Dote Stone


After completing my PhD in Soil Science at Cranfield University, I went to work on the EcoFINDERS project to determine policy-relevant and cost-effective indicators for monitoring soil biodiversity.  Over the duration of the project I was involved in the implementaion of a European wide soil sampling scheme, the development of molecular techniques to determine the species diversity of soil mesofauna, and the co-ordination of running a logical sieve to rank indicators for monitoring soil diversity.  See papers below for more detail.

I have been working within the Faculty of Biological Sciences at Leeds University since 2014 as a Teaching Laboratory Technician.  I provide support for First Year practical modules within the School of Biology, these introduce students to a variety of different research techniques and develop both technical skill and confidence.  I also support a Third Year research module (Applied Plant Science).


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Griffiths, B.S., de Groot, G.A., Laros, I., Stone, D., Geisen, S. 2018. he need for standardisation: Exemplified by a description of the diversity, community structure and ecological indices of soil nematodes. Ecological Indicators. 87, pp.43-46.


  • BLGY1125 Biology Practicals and Data Analysis (Teaching Technical Support)
  • BLGY3205 Applied Plant Science (Teaching Technical Support)
  • BLGY2321 Dale Field Course (Teaching Technical Support)

Research interests

  • Soil Health/Soil Quality
  • Soil Function
  • Soil Ecology
  • Soil Food Webs


  • BSc Environmental Biology
  • MSc Sustainable Agriculture and Rural Development.
  • PhD Soil Science