Postgraduate research opportunities

If you have any questions about our research opportunities please contact the graduate school:

Opportunity title
Akroyd and Brown Scholarship
Baines, Crockatt and Rutson Scholarship
Boothman, Reynolds and Smithells Scholarship
Characterization of bispecific antibodies using structural mass spectrometry and imaging techniques (BBSRC CTP with Medimmune)
Emma & Leslie Reid Scholarship
Frank Parkinson Scholarship
Frank Stell Scholarship
How do proteins unfold under hydrodynamic flow? (BBSRC CTP with Medimmune)
John Henry Garner Scholarship
Leeds Doctoral Scholarships
Mary and Alice Smith Scholarship
Novel GABAergic mechanisms modulating nociception and pain
Sports and Exercise Science Demonstrator PhD Studentships
Structural mechanisms of fibroblast growth factor receptor signalling at the membrane interface
W B Crump Scholarship