Imaging Room

Epi fluorescence microscope TL

Nikon Eclipse E400 epi-fluorescence Microscope
The Eclipse E400 biological microscope is a mid-level research instrument. The Eclipse E400 features a quintuple revolving nosepiece and Nikon's CFI60 optical system.
Included in the system is a series of universal objectives that enable the use of various observation techniques, such as brightfield, darkfield, Nomarski DIC, epi-fluorescence, or phase contrast, without the necessity of changing objectives. This microscope is set up for epi-fluorescence with digital imaging capture.

Evos facility in the Imagine room

Also we have two EVOS systems which are also available for imaging For further specification click here.


Axio Slide Scanner

Also residing in the imaging room is a Ziess Axio scan, more information on its use etc can be found via  Bio imaging  facility,  follow this link.