Human physiology research placement student at University of Leeds

Samantha Spratley

Research Placement in the Institute of Membranes and Systems Biology, University of Leeds

I chose Leeds as the Uni has a fantastic reputation, especially in research-led teaching which is vital for studying a course in biomedical sciences. Studying BSc Human Physiology opens up a variety of career options after graduating and is also one of the few courses that give you the opportunity to take a year out in industry or abroad.

I have had lots of great experiences here at Leeds. Carrying out dissections in practical sessions has been a definite highlight; very few universities still offer this as a learning technique, which makes it all the more exciting. Also, the opportunity to undertake an undergraduate research placement in one of the universities laboratories has been a real highlight for me. This is an opportunity you wouldn’t normally get until your third year. It entails 10 hours per week for 10 weeks, carrying out various lab duties including maintenance, attending meetings and carrying out experiments. This has enabled me to develop a much better expertise in practical-based skills. It has also helped me explore the possibilities of research and what it entails, which will allow me to make a more informed career choice in the future. Although challenging, it has been a fantastic opportunity.

Next year, I am hoping to take a year out in industry abroad, preferably with a pharmaceutical company in either America or Australia and after graduating I plan to read post graduate medicine."