Dr. Candelas Paniagua



Ph.D. Biology (Excellent Cum Laude), 2014.

University of Malaga (Spain) 

Thesis title Strawberry fruit softening and pectin disassembly: I. Nanostructural characterization of fruit pectins by atomic force microscopy II. Role of the β-Galactosidase gene FaβGal4

Postgraduate in Biotechnology Advances, 2010

University of Malaga (Spain)

M. Sc. Biotechnology , 2009.

University of Granada (Spain)

B. Sc. Biology, 2008.

University of Granada (Spain)



Postdoc. University of Leeds (UK). January 2019- current position

Postdoc. CEITEC-Masaryk University Brno (Czech Republic) Sept 2015-Dic 2018

Postdoc . University of Malaga. Faculty of Science. Plant Biology .January –June 2015.

PhD Researcher. University of Malaga. Faculty of Science. Plant Biology 2013-2014

PhD Researcher. Governmental grant for Research and Professorial Training. Evaluation in the role of pectinase enzymes in fruit softening associated with the ripening process .Spanish Ministery of Education and Science.2009-2013

Lab technician. Animal Department. Faculty of Science. University of Málaga. (May- October 2009).

Predoctoral Researcher. Biochemistry and Molecular Biology department. University of Castilla- La Mancha. (September-December 2008).

Research interests

The physics of cell walls at Plasmodesmata

We are modelling the properties of cell walls around plasmodesmata using composite mixtures and soft polymer physic approaches such as NMR, rheology and AFM nanoindentation. The aim is to link structural and physico-mechanical properties  to understand the function of callose and other cell wall biopolymers in regulating the channel transport capacity. This information is essential to manipulate these channels aiming to optimize plant development and environmental responses and can reveal new properties that can be further exploited in the manufacture of new environmentally-friendly materials.


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