Ed Hall


I started working as a research technician within the School of Biology at the University of Leeds in 2017 after graduating with a master's degree in biology the same year.

Research interests

Primarily my research is centred around population and community ecology. I am interested in how species interactions form ecosystems, and how anthropogenic influences such as climate change are having subtle effects on species that could affect the wider ecosystem through trophic interactions. 

Specifically my current research involves lab experiments using an insect host-parasitoid model system consisting of the moth hosts Plodia interpunctella and Ephestia kuehniella, and the parasitoid wasp Venturia canescens. We are aiming to answer the questions of how trophic interactions and individual life history responses are altered in degraded and variable temperature change environments.


  • MBiol Zoology

Student education

I am involved with the lab aspects of 3rd and 4th year undergraduate final year projects. I carry out lab inductions, teach proper lab practice, and offer support in the technical aspects of projects. I am also involved in teaching master's students advanced statistical analysis techniques.