Louise Richardson

Louise Richardson


Following the completion of my BSc in Anatomy at the University of Glasgow, I sought further research experience by working as a research assistant on a large stroke clinical trial at the Queen Elizabeth University Hospital. I then went on to complete my MRes in Biomedical Science at the University of Glasgow, specialising in in vivo research methods. 

Research interests

In my BBSRC funded project, I am investigating the changes that occur in skeletal muscle during the plastic response to exercise or injury. Muscle overloading, electrical stimulation of the motor neurone, exhaustive exercise and muscle ischaemia will be carried out in rat models to facilitate the study of satellite cell biology. I will also focus heavily on RNA-seq analysis, to better understand the role of the transmembrane protein MEGF10 in muscle regeneration, and to assess how culture surface optimisation affects the expression of myogenic transcription factors. 


  • MRes Biomedical Science (IMB Specialisation)
  • BSc (Hons) Anatomy