Cédric Stefens


Biomedical engineer turned neuroscientist, from Brussels.



*University of Leeds – PhD in Computations in Neural Circuits [2017-…]

*Research Engineer at Neuro Electronics Research Flanders (IMEC/KUL) [2015]
"Development of a pipeline for processing calcium imaging data in python"

*Université Libre de Bruxelles – Master in Biomedical Engineering [2014-2016]
Master Thesis: "Simultaneous denoising and demixing of calcium signals from overlapping
neuronal compartments."
Options: Imaging and biomedical IT, Instrumentation

*Université Libre de Bruxelles – Bachelor in Engineering [2008-2014]
Option: biomedical

*University of Cambridge - Young Enterprise International Examination [2008]

*Institut Libre Marie Haps – Japanese level A2 [2008]

*Young Enterprise – Helios CTO (R&D) [2007-2008]


Research interests

How neural circuits integrate and shape external stimuli to give rise to perception? And how this integration is differentiated by physiological states?

Let's make movies of neural population activity at a cellular resolution under different stimuli contexts and physiological states to figure it out!


Current project:

"Multi-sensory integration in the olfactory bulb: the effect of metabolic state on the encoding of odours”:
A feedback loop exists between the digestive and olfactory systems; an odour can trigger
appetite and food intake but how metabolic state influences olfactory sensitivity is less known.
To be energy-efficient, this metabolic sensing should happen at the earliest stage of olfactory
processing, at the glomerular layer, the input of the olfactory bulb (OB). Imaging the
glomerular layer in different satiety states will reveal whether satiety modulates how odours
are perceived at the first synapses in the olfactory system.


  • 2 photon imaging
  • programming
  • image and signal processing
  • embedded systems
  • instrumentation

Research groups and institutes

  • Neuroscience and Behaviour