Luke Howlett


I received my undergraduate degree in 2016 from the university of Bedfordshire in sport and exercise science. During my undergraduate studies I conducted a study investigating the effects of eccentric resistance-type exercise on global left ventricular function with a specific interest in longitudinal strain using ultrasound techniques.

Shortly after, I remained at the university of Bedfordshire to undertake an MSc part-time where I developed my undergraduate project further, this time investigating regional left ventricular function using similar techniques during the same exercise setting.

Whilst working towards a masters degree I began working as a clinical respiratory physiologist at Addenbrookes hospital in Cambridge. During this time I achieved a professional qualification from the ARTP.

In November 2018 I began a PhD at the University of Leeds, researching cardiac remodelling during ageing and exercise.

Research interests

So far during my PhD I have predominantly been using electrophysiological techniques to measure action potentials, alongside ion currents contributing to myocyte repolarisation and their responses to adrenergic stimulation.

As well as investigating myocyte function, I will also be looking at structural changes, assessing changes in components associated with beta 1 adrenergic receptor signalling, using immunostaining techniques.

Over the duration of the project I will be making comparisons between young and old ventricular myocytes in order to better understand the age-related loss in cardiac reserve which limits exercise capacity.

Later I will be investigating the use of exercise training as a potential cardioprotective strategy against age-related cardiac decrements, particularly those contributing to adrenergic response.



  • MSc Clinical Exercise Physiology
  • ARTP Practitioner Qualification
  • BSc (hons) Sport and Exercise Science

Research groups and institutes

  • Cardiovascular