Alex Flynn

Alex Flynn


First year Wellcome Trust PhD student

In this program we carry out three 10 week laboratory rotations. My chosen rotations were:


Rotation 1Using amphipols to study bacterial drug efflux protein AcrB under more native conditions
Supervisors - Dr. Stephen Muench and Prof. Frank Sobott
Techniques - Membrane protein purification, electron microscopy, native mass spectrometry.


Rotation 2 - Developing better therapeutics for epilepsy using virtual high throughput screening
Supervisor - Prof. Colin Fishwick
Techniques - Virtual high-throughput screening using Glide (Schrodinger), Gold (CCDC), Fred (OpenEye) and Autodock Vina (Scripps).


Research interests

I am interested in detergent-free methods of membrane protein solubilisation and how they can be applied to established techniques such as cryo electron microscopy and virtual high throughput screening.


  • BSc Biochemistry with Industrial Placement Year