Laura Najera


I got a Biology degree on 2010, specialized on Mammal ecology. After finishing, I worked as a field assistant sampling birds, reptiles and mammals, mainly on camera trapping of jaguars and other carnivores. I obtained my Master’s degree in 2013, working on the phylogeny of an endemic bat (Myotis peninsularis) from Baja California Sur, Mexico. I worked as a research assistant for two years in a Lipid Metabolism Lab, doing total lipid analysis by gravimetric methods and gas chromatography. I have also worked on geometric morphometrics analysis and using molecular techniques of several research projects. Currently I am a PhD student at the University of Leeds, in the Ecology and Evolution program.

Research interests

I am interested on ecology and conservation genetics. My research focuses on investigating the evolutionary relationships among bats, between bats and their pathogens, and the interaction of both with the environment. For this I will use ‘omics approaches and spatial modelling.


  • 2016-Present. PhD student, Faculty of Biological Sciences, University of Leeds, UK.
  • 2013. M.Sc Management and Preservation of Nat. Resources (Honorary Excellence Deg) CIBNOR, Mexico.
  • 2010. B.Sc in Biology (Excellence Award), University of Guadalajara, Mexico.