Oloyede A. Adekolurejo

Oloyede A. Adekolurejo


I am a PhD student at the Ecology and Evolution Research Group. My PhD research is funded by the Nigerian Government (Tetfund, Nigeria). I joined the University of Leeds in 2017, before then,  my B.Sc and M.Sc studies were in Nigeria.

Research interests

My current research interests span across the fields of ecology, ecotoxicology, aquatic entomology and microbiology. The thrust of the research centres on the key questions of understanding the potential impacts of frequent and expanding toxic freshwater cyanobacterial blooms on the integrity and sustainability of freshwater ecosystems. Freshwater ecosystems are particularly now being increasingly threatened by a variety of multiple stressors such as climate change, invasive species and eutrophication. It is currently not clear how dense biomass of toxigenic bloom-forming cyanobacteria on water affects the inherent biodiversity patterns and ecosystem processes that define the structure and function of an ecosystem. Therefore, how biotic communities change in response to stressors are potentially likely to affect the dynamics of carbon and energy fluxes that drive the overall functioning of the ecosystem, thus undermining the provisioning of ecosystem services for human well being. This research employs a suite of laboratory microcosms, outdoor mesocosms and field biomonitoring to elucidate the impacts of cyanobacterial toxins on key important experimental models such as Scenedesmus quadricauda, Daphnia magna, native and invasive amphipod shredders (Gammarus pulex, and Dikerogammarus villosus) across different levels of ecological complexity.


  • B.Sc Biology
  • M.Sc Zoology (Ecology and Environmental Biology)