Stuart Dickens BSc (Ind) Hons


My undergraduate studies were undertaken at the Faculty of Biological Science, University of Leeds where I studied Neuroscience BSc. I took the oppurtunity to do a year long research internship at the Mayo Clinic as part of the Springer group. My project was on the role of ubiquitin E2 enzymes in Parkinson's disease. I then returned to Leeds to finish my degree and graduated with a first class degree.

I am currently undertaking a PhD with the Kwok group where I am investigating the perineuronal net as a neuroprotective barrier.

Research interests

Perineuronal net: This extraceullar matrix structure is made of negatively charged sugars, glycosaminoglycans, and proteins. Together it forms a dense structure that enwraps a subset of neurons in the central nervous system. It has been shown to have roles in synaptic plasticity and neuronal firing.


  • Degree of Neuroscience (Industry) BSc Hons