Sports and Exercise Physiology student at University of Leeds

Alistair Rogers

About your course/programme

Why did you choose to come to Leeds University to study the above course?

I chose Leeds Uni not only because it offers a chance to study at a great university with a good reputation and a course that I am interested in but also plays a massive part to Leeds Triathlon Centre. This allows me the opportunity to study and train in a well-supported environment that few other places can offer. 

What do you enjoy about your course?

I most enjoy the psychology modules of the course as I am very interested in why athletes respond to different situations and how to help athletes who are struggling. 

What have been the highlights of the course/programme so far?

The best parts of the course are often the physiology labs as they are hands on, enjoyable and help your understanding in a realistic practical environment.

How do you find managing your time between training and studying?

It is very rare that my training is affected by my studies, however as and when needed eg during exams, it is easy to change your focus for a couple of weeks and work on one or the other. Also being a triathlon scholar and on TASS offers support if I ever need it.

Tell me about the support you have received through your time at university?

I am both a university triathlon and TASS scholar and between both of these systems I am offered a massive amount of support including physio, training, time management and lifestyle support as well as financial support. I have also been able to split my final year to allow me an extra year to train and study and get the best out my time in Leeds.

How would you rate the facilities available to you throughout your degree? How has this enhanced your experience?

I feel the most valuable facilities that has helped me are the labs session that aid your understanding by putting your knowledge in to a real life situation. The libraries and other facilities are of course very good even if I don’t visit as much as I should!!


About the University

Why did you choose the University of Leeds?

I chose Leeds Uni as it is not only a highly regarded university in terms of academic standards, but also in terms of being a major part of one of the world’s leading triathlon training centres - Leeds Triathlon Centre. Studying at Leeds allows me the opportunity not only to study at a top university but also train in one of the best places available in a major city with the Yorkshire Dales on the doorstep.

What have been the highlights of your time at the University of Leeds?

Finishing second year exams?!?

Being able to train at as part of Leeds Triathlon Centre alongside some of the best athletes in the sport and competing as a team at BUCS Championships. The camaraderie and friendships are also a highlight.

How have the facilities (libraries/labs etc.) helped you get the most out of your degree?

By being able to access the labs and other facilities it really enhances the learning as you are physically doing the practical tasks which I find the best way to learn.

What aspects of your course helped you to make friends?

Being on a course like sport science everyone has similar interests and are very sociable, l making it impossible not to interact and make friends!!

Have you joined any student societies/sports clubs at the university? If so how has this enhanced your time at the University?

I am currently the triathlon captain and will be continuing this role for the next academic year. I think that it’s important to give back and enjoy the work as it’s what I am most interested in and also allows me to meet lots of people.

What key aspects of your experience of Leeds would you highlight to students thinking about coming do the same course/programme?

It’s fairly academic so if that’s what you’re looking for its great, but there are places that offer more practical experience.  

What are your ambitions for the future? Do you have specific career plans? Has the University (careers centre/lecturers etc.) helped you with these goals in any way?

When I leave Leeds Uni I hope to follow a career as a professional triathlete racing at the top level of the sport, after which I intend probably becoming a sports coach or school PE teacher.