Molecular and cellular biology research student at University of Leeds

Arya Gupta

Please tell us the title of your PhD?

Developing new antibiotics

What research are you undertaking?

PhD in Molecular and Cellular Biology to try and identify new chemical entities that can be characterised and developed as antibiotics (which specifically have antibacterial activity)

What is the purpose of your research?

The purpose of my research is to help validate the target specificity and evaluate the antibacterial activity of new compounds. Lead molecules from such evaluations can be further characterised and taken forward to clinical trials and eventually onto shelves.

How will this apply to real world applications?

Antibiotics play a vital role in the success of modern medicine; however the increase in antibiotic resistance has led to treatment failures. While bacterial resistance has risen to antibiotics, the development of antibiotics has not occurred at the same pace leading to a gap. Identifying new compounds with potent antibacterial activity will strengthen the current arsenal of antibiotics, thereby aiding society in its continuing fight against bacterial infections.

What are your plans after you complete your PhD?

I would like to carry on in academia rather than go into industry but hey plans are subject to change. For now the plan is to apply for Post-doc positions, maybe complete two stints. After which apply for fellowships and hope to have my own research lab sometime in the future.