Benedict Wilson

Benedict Wilson

An innovative approach to studying

Upon completing my undergraduate degree in Zoology and conducting extensive field experience in practical wildlife conservation, I was keen to advance my data analysis skillset and learn the theory of conservation strategy and management. I saw this innovative course as a great option to facilitate this, whilst also living in the fantastic city of Leeds. I hoped the course would enhance my employability and give me the chance to reach my future aims of working in the environmental and sustainability sectors.

This specific course stood out to me amongst other conservation courses.

I really enjoy the practical elements of the course as well as discussing and engaging with important conservation and sustainability topics. The opportunity to work on topics that I am interested in and care passionately about is a privilege that I thoroughly enjoy.

Visiting the Jersey Zoo at Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust

The main highlight of the programme so far was a course in Global Conservation Standards and how to design and deliver an effective strategy. This was part of the field course in Jersey that is completed as part of the Masters degree and is an incredibly useful tool for conservation planning, that I feel is widely applicable to all facets of the project process.

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Final project focused on Mozambique

Although not yet confirmed, my final project is likely to involve quantifying fishing pressures being applied to a marine protected area in Mozambique. The project will look to map the fishing methods being used in the bay, by using aerial drone surveillance to determine whether the policy is being adhered to and inform future safeguarding of the protected area.

A supportive community

Having had a few years away from University during the pandemic it was initially a challenge to get back into the swing of University life and assignments, however, the academic support and friendship around me have made this a relatively easy transition that I have loved every minute of.