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Directly funded PhD projects

Title Subject area Eligibility Deadline
Rational design and production of glyco-peptidic inhibitors of pathogens’ adhesion to host cells UK and EU 30th Sept 2019
Why do proteins aggregate under flow? (BBSRC CTP with Medimmune) Biotechnology UK and EU 15th March 2019
Development of an invertebrate model of alternating hemiplegia of childhood Heredity, Development and Disease UK and EU 12th May 2019
Functional Genomics in Sensory Neuroscience Biomedical Technologies UK and EU 10th May 2019
How cells respond to stress: The role of chaperone post-translational modifications in health and disease Cancer UK and EU 1st May 2019
Characterisation of the neuronal network that senses insulin in the Dorsal Vagal Complex of the brain Neuroscience UK and EU 1st May 2019
Inhibition of a protein-protein interaction mediating antibiotic resistance (Royal Society funded PhD Studentship) Structural Biology UK and EU 1st May 2019