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Recent publications

Recent Publications

Murphy JC, Harrington EM, Schumann S, Vasconcelos EJR, Mottram TJ, Harper KL, Aspden JL, Whitehouse A. 2023. Kaposi’s sarcoma-associated herpesvirus induces specialised ribosomes to efficiently translate viral lytic mRNAs. Nature Communications. 14  

​Röder K, Barker AM, Whitehouse A, Pasquali S. 2022. Investigating the structural changes due to adenosine methylation of the Kaposi’s sarcoma-associated herpes virus ORF50 transcript. PLoS Computational Biology. 18(5)  

Harper KL, Mottram TJ, Anene CA, Foster B, Patterson MR, McDonnell E, Macdonald A, Westhead D, Whitehouse A. 2022. Dysregulation of the miR-30c/DLL4 axis by circHIPK3 is essential for KSHV lytic replication. EMBO Reports. 23(5)  

​Harper KL, Mottram TJ, Whitehouse A. 2021. Insights into the Evolving Roles of Circular RNAs in Cancer. Cancers. 13(16)  

​Douka K, Birds I, Wang D, Kosteletos A, Clayton S, Byford A, Vasconcelos EJR, O'Connell MJ, Deuchars J, Whitehouse A, Aspden JL. 2021. Cytoplasmic long non-coding RNAs are differentially regulated and translated during human neuronal differentiation. RNA.  

​Pearson H, Todd EJAA, Ahrends M, Hover SE, Whitehouse A, Stacey M, Lippiat JD, Wilkens L, Fieguth H-G, Danov O, Hesse C, Barr JN, Mankouri J. 2021. TMEM16A/ANO1 calcium-activated chloride channel as a novel target for the treatment of human respiratory syncytial virus infection. Thorax. 76(1), pp. 64-72  

​Dobson SJ, Anene A, Boyne JR, Mankouri J, Macdonald A, Whitehouse A. 2020. Merkel cell polyomavirus small tumour antigen activates the p38 MAPK pathway to enhance cellular motility. Biochemical Journal. 477(14), pp. 2721-2733  

​Nwogu N, Ortiz LE, Whitehouse A, Kwun HJ. 2020. Merkel Cell Polyomavirus Small Tumor Antigen Activates Matrix Metallopeptidase-9 Gene Expression for Cell Migration and Invasion. Journal of Virology.  

​Dobson SJ, Mankouri J, Whitehouse A. 2020. Identification of Potassium and Calcium Channel Inhibitors as Modulators of Polyomavirus Endosomal Trafficking. Antiviral Research. 179  

​Morgan EL, Patterson MR, Ryder EL, Lee SY, Wasson CW, Harper KL, Li Y, Griffin S, Blair GE, Whitehouse A, Macdonald A. 2020. MicroRNA-18a targeting of the STK4/MST1 tumour suppressor is necessary for transformation in HPV positive cervical cancer. PLoS Pathogens. 16(6)  

​Smith AJ, Wright KE, Muench SP, Schumann S, Whitehouse A, Porter KE, Colyer J. 2019. Styrene maleic acid recovers proteins from mammalian cells and tissues while avoiding significant cell death.. Scientific Reports. 9(1)  

Baquero-Perez B, Antanaviciute A, Yonchev ID, Carr IM, Wilson SA, Whitehouse A. 2019. The Tudor SND1 protein is an m6A RNA reader essential for replication of Kaposi’s sarcoma-associated herpesvirus. eLife. 8  

​Harper KL, McDonnell E, Whitehouse A. 2019. CircRNAs: From anonymity to novel regulators of gene expression in cancer. International Journal of Oncology. 55(6), pp. 1183-1193  

​Manners O, Baquero-Perez B, Whitehouse A. 2019. m⁶A: Widespread regulatory control in virus replication. BBA - Gene Regulatory Mechanisms. 1862(3), pp. 370-381  

​Manners O, Murphy JC, Coleman A, Hughes DJ, Whitehouse A. 2018. Contribution of the KSHV and EBV Lytic Cycles to Tumourigenesis. Current Opinion in Virology. 32, pp. 60-70  

Nwogu N, Boyne JR, Dobson SJ, Poterlowicz K, Blair GE, Macdonald A, Mankouri J, Whitehouse A. 2018. Cellular sheddases are induced by Merkel Cell Polyomavirus Small Tumour Antigen to mediate cell dissociation and invasiveness. PLoS Pathogens. 14(9)  

​Stakaityte G, Nwogu N, Lippiat JD, Blair GE, Poterlowicz K, Boyne JR, Macdonald A, Mankouri J, Whitehouse A. 2018. The cellular chloride channels CLIC1 and CLIC4 contribute to virus-mediated cell motility. Journal of Biological Chemistry. 293(12), pp. 4582-4590  

​Bussey KA, Lau U, Schumann S, Gallo A, Osbelt L, Stempel M, Arnold C, Wissing J, Gad HH, Hartmann R, Brune W, Jänsch L, Whitehouse A, Brinkmann MM. 2018. The interferon-stimulated gene product oligoadenylate synthetase-like protein enhances replication of Kaposi’s sarcoma-associated herpesvirus (KSHV) and interacts with the KSHV ORF20 protein. PLoS Pathogens. 14(3)

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