Emily Michelmore, BSc Biochemistry

Emily Michelmore

Emily studied BSc Biochemisty and complete a study abroad the University of Victoria in Canada. Since graduating she has secured a job as a Senior Information Analyst at NHS Digital.

4 things I wish I knew before studying abroad in Canada

I went to UVic in British Columbia, Biochemistry & electives in History and Geography. I've always wanted to live in a different country and study abroad seemed like the perfect opportunity as you have structure, you're surround by students and have plenty of time to travel and explore.

I was going to gain more independence and feel more confident about the future

I have gained a huge amount of confidence in myself and independence from this year - I feel more prepared to leave university and move into different situations. I know I can adapt to different cultures and work well with different people from all over the world. My organisational skills have also improved as I have to rely on myself. Although study abroad may not be as vocational as a year in industry, I have been taught by professors in unique fields and have learnt more skills applicable to the field that I am interested in.

I would make friends from all over the world

The people I have met and the memories I have made. I now have friends from around the world who all grew up in different cultures and with different perspectives that influenced me. We have had many great times exploring Canada, America and even Mexico, which I will never forget!

I would want travel to influence my future career

I am hoping now to either have a job in an international company or to work abroad and believe this year has given me skills and confidence to do. I have also noticed stronger areas of my personality that I would emphasize in my future jobs.

It would challenge me and help me grow

Although it was terrifying, daunting and hard at times, I would do it all again. As well as enhancing my academics, I have developed as person with new confidence, experience and skills that I would never have gained otherwise.