Biological Sciences student at University of Leeds

Kerry-Anne Revie

Kerry-Anne's Biological Sciences degree has given her the chance to tailor her course to her interests and focus on her passions.

Why did you choose the University of Leeds?

I decided on Leeds after having an incredible time visiting the campus on one of the Open Days. The Campus was so full of life and inviting, with the Farmer’s Market outside of the Student’s Union adding something extra special to my visit.

What have been the highlights of your time at the University of Leeds?

The experiences at Leeds which have stood out to me so far include getting the opportunity to be a student rep, helping out on the Open Days and the Candidate Visit Days. Getting the chance to meet people who are in the same position as I was a few years ago and being able to give them advice and really show off my university is a huge privilege.

How have the facilities (libraries/labs etc.) helped you get the most out of your degree?

The facilities at Leeds are amazing and they have some superb study spaces. The libraries are spacious with silent study areas for when you really want to focus on your work, and the group study areas with private rooms make group work so easy to organise. The labs I have worked in are very well equipped and create a great environment to put the theory learnt in lectures into practice through experiments.

Have you joined any student societies/sports clubs at the university? If so how has this enhanced your time at the University?

Since joining the University I have been a member of FobSoc – The Faculty of Biological Sciences Society. FobSoc has helped me meet lots of new people and they’re always hosting events such as their themed Otley Run. FobSoc has also helped me to get back into playing netball, as I am on their team and regularly compete in matches against the other societies.

What key aspects of your experience of Leeds would you highlight to students thinking about coming do the same course?

I love the versatility that my course offers, which is something that made Leeds really stand out. It can be tailored to your own interests with optional module choices meaning you can study the areas of the subject which really interest you, helping to prepare for the options after graduation. I am focusing on Infection and Disease, but I have friends on the same course studying modules in molecular medicine. This variety really helps the course to feel less restricted than others and allows me to focus on my passions in biology.

What are your ambitions for the future? Do you have specific career plans? Has the Faculty (careers centre/lecturers etc.) helped you with these goals in any way?

In the future, I would like to work as a clinical scientist in an area such as microbiology or immunology. The careers centre has great advice on getting your career path sorted, offering CV help and even mock interviews. I receive emails weekly about placement opportunities for both summer and a Year in Industry. The Faculty often puts on optional lectures discussing career options such as the NHS Scientist Training Programme and becoming a physician’s associate, which are really helpful to introduce students to new options. Both resident and guest lecturers are really helpful as many have had experience with other careers and can talk to you about their experiences. I feel very supported and even had the opportunity to take a career planning module this year which is very popular among other students in the faculty!