Biological sciences with study abroad student at University of Leeds

Charlotte Trimmer

Where did you do your study year abroad and what did you study? 

Uppsala, Sweden. Before I left, I had to choose modules that I wanted to do, so when I arrived I was told that my ‘degree’ for that year would be in Animal Science, although in my case the name of my degree didn’t really change anything.

How did you get the chance to get involved with the culture and practices of the country you studied in? 

Swedish people are great at including everyone in their activities, which is good especially upon first arriving in the country. I learnt most about Swedish culture through talking to Swedes, rather than going to specific modules, although they would have been fun to do too.  Were there any significant differences to studying at Leeds? Studying in Sweden was rather different to my life at Leeds, one of the big differences was that modules are taught individually, instead of overlapping like at Leeds. I enjoyed this system, as it meant I could focus on one module instead of worrying about assignments/exams for several modules at once. It also meant I enjoyed the learning experience more, and I found I retained information much better.

What skills and personal developments do you think you have gained from your study abroad year that will benefit you in the future? 

I have always found big social occasions a little difficult, meeting new people, but I feel that this year has given me a new found confidence. I have met some amazing people, that I’m sure I will stay in contact with for a long time. This year has also helped me realise topics and interests that I enjoy, which I wasn’t able to enjoy before.  What opportunities has your study abroad opened up to you? After my year abroad, I plan on returning to Sweden, to live!