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Pursuing an MSc in Bioscience at the University of Leeds 

As I had previously studied biotechnology and wished to progress to a PhD, I decided to pursue an MSc in Bioscience at the University of Leeds. I was attracted to the program's flexibility, which allowed me to choose from a wide range of courses, such as medical diagnostics and high-throughput technologies. The university's high-ranking status and esteemed faculty also motivated me to apply for this course. 

Adapting to a new educational system 

As I come from India, there is a wide difference in the educational system here. I was used to taking end-of-term exams and had very little knowledge of making assignments and giving presentations. Starting my course here introduced me to this new system, which I found challenging to absorb, but the study services offered by the university really helped me to cover any deficiencies in my studies.   

Enjoying traditional in-person classes 

I have always enjoyed attending traditional in-person classes, and the taught Masters course provided a very engaging and lively learning environment. The professors made the classes enjoyable, and the lab sessions were intense but highly effective and immersive. 

Specialising in ribosomes 

My final project focuses on characterising specialised ribosomes from Drosophila melanogaster. Until recently, the dogma was that ribosomes are homogeneous macromolecular machines, but it is now becoming clear that ribosomes exert specificity and regulatory capacity. However, little is known about how specialised ribosomes regulate translation and their in vivo importance. This project involves generating tagged ribosomes, purifying them from Drosophila melanogaster, and characterising them and the RNAs they are translating. 

Scholarship and community 

Upon applying, I was automatically offered a £2,000 scholarship, which was helpful as I could use this money to cover my recreational expenses here at Leeds. 

The University of Leeds has a vibrant community of students from all over the world, and its ranking and faculty are world-renowned. Living in such a peaceful and beautiful place made me choose this university. 

When I first arrived, I was a bit anxious and nervous as it was my first time staying away from home for a whole year. However, as time went on, I made new friends, and Leeds has now become another home for me.