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This image shows a cryo-electron microscope model of cytochrome b6f, a protein complex found in plant chloroplasts.

Scientists from Yorkshire have solved the structure of one of the key components of photosynthesis.

James Roberts -Pharmacology prize winner

The Faculty of Biological Sciences would like to congratulate James Roberts on being awarded the British Pharmacological Society 'BSc Pharmacology Prize.'

Amelia Lesiuk wins Science Council CPD Award

Amelia Lesiuk, Laboratory Area Coordinator, is one of four individuals to win the 2019 Science Council CPD Award for outstanding professional development in science.

Heart and stethoscope

New and improved ways of delivering heart failure care urgently needed, warns leading heart charity.

Scientists have found that disease-causing bacteria carry antibiotic resistance genes that are dormant as a result of a genetic mutation. During screening, the bacteria appear susceptible to antibiotics.

Hospital screening tests are failing to identify the true extent of microbial resistance, according to new research.