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An image of the University of Leeds Parkinson building illuminated in purple light.

A prestigious fellowship will support five University of Leeds researchers addressing global challenges, three of whom are from the Faculty of Biological Sciences.

Blood pressure monitoring kit

Moderate exercise an antidote to most common statin side effect. An international team of BHF-funded researchers may have discovered why some people experience muscle pain after taking statins.

Medical illustration of acinetobacteria

The molecular machinery used by ‘superbugs’ to resist chemicals designed to kill them could also help produce precursors for a new generation of nylon and other polymers, according to new research.

Tickle ear therapy could help slow ageing

Tickling the ear with a small electrical current appears to rebalance the autonomic nervous system for over-55s, potentially slowing down one of the effects of ageing, according to new research.

Damselfly, BioDAR

Scientists are developing a pioneering technique that allows them to monitor insects in the air using weather radars, as part of a research project called BioDAR.