Alice van der Schoot, BSc Neuroscience, student at University of Leeds

Alice van der Schoot

Why did you choose to come to Leeds University to study?

The choice of modules really fit with what I’m interested in. I got on very well with the neuroscience lecturers on the open day and got talking to them about their current research, and they recommended some good books to read and I really felt like I would enjoy being taught by them.

What do you enjoy about your course?

I love that my course has a very close social group. We’re all really passionate about studying neuroscience and we organise socials outside of the course, as well as meetings to discuss work and help each other out. I also really enjoy the more focused modules such as neuropharmacology and neurobiology. All the students are known by the staff, which is great because we feel comfortable to put ideas forward or ask questions.

What were the greatest challenges throughout your degree?

Lab reports! But I like a challenge. It’s also very challenging to not faint in the dissection room.

Tell us how staff support has helped you during your time at university?

Staff are very understanding when I have to move lab sessions or tutorials so that I can balance modelling, They have confidence in me that I will attend these sessions and catch up on any work I have missed, which is very encouraging. They are also always there to answer any questions, or to listen if you feel under any pressure.

How have you found the student and work life balance inparticular with your work commitments away from Leeds?

My course is very full on. There is a lot of coursework as well as in course exams, and sometimes deadlines are very close together. When I have a lot of modelling work it is difficult, but I will set myself time constraints, which actually encourages me to produce high quality work within a short space of time. I like to get it all out of the way quite quickly, long before the deadline so that I can then go away to something like London fashion week without the thought of work hanging over me. I can then come back refreshed to look over the work again before I hand it in, without panicking that it isn’t done!