Human Physiology international student at University of Leeds

Esra Shitaw

Top 5 things that make Leeds standout!

It is highly recommended by past students

When I obtained my scholarship, I started looking for a good university to study in. After I did my research, and with some advice and recommendations from my family and friends who have lived or studied in Leeds before, I decided to start my study life at the University of Leeds.

It has excellent facilities available to students

The University of Leeds is one of the top ranking universities in my special field of study. 

I almost enjoyed everything, but if I were to name something in particular, it is definitely having the opportunity to access to the dissection room and being able to learn more and more about the characteristics of the human body and how its different organs function.  

It’s a campus university next to the city, giving you the best of both worlds

There are many reasons that make Leeds the best city to live and study in. It is more beautiful than I thought and there is something magical that attracts you to Leeds, and not to other cities. It makes you feel really comfortable and welcoming, and you can hardly feel homesickness.   

It has a friendly and welcoming international community

Whether families from my home country Libya, or from the European Union and the Middle East, I feel very fortunate to come to Leeds. Everyone is very helpful and more than happy to show me around or help me decide where to buy stuff or where to dine.

It had an excellent all-round student experience

I love the city and the university, and I am sure everyone will. I really recommend it for anyone who wants to receive a high level of education and at the same time feel like home.  There is literally something for everyone. If anyone is interested in the human body and how it functions, I really recommend applying for human physiology at The University of Leeds. This program offers a thorough analysis of the human body and explains a single organ.