Isla Kenyon, Sport science and Physiology student

Isla Kenyon

Leeds like home right away

One of the reasons I chose to study at the University of Leeds, is because I really loved the course outline and the set up of the modules. Plus I have the ability to take discovery modules that could be completely different to my course, including the LEED modules which allow for applied learning through physical activity practicals – which is a nice balance with my more academic modules. I liked the fact it is a campus university so everything is one place but still in a short walking distance to town and accommodations – therefore no real need to pay for a bus pass as everything can be walked to.

Choosing modules that I was passionate about

Over my 3 years at university I have taken LEED Modules in Skills in Sports & Outdoor Activities - Theory & Practice; Introduction to Strength and Conditioning and Outdoor Adventure-Land, Water and Air Activities.

Skills in Sports & Outdoor Activities - Theory & Practice involved learning a new skill and then applying how we learnt that skill and translating it to a second semester module, I chose to take up rock climbing and went to The Edge once a week. This was really helpful in learning how to plan goals in advance and how to be reflective about my learning experiences and also a great module in that we got to learn how to rock climb! The Strength and conditioning module was great for me and I found it really helpful being able to take the science that we learn in our degree and apply it directly to individuals in a real life scenario. 

Learning in an interesting and practical environment

A great highlight is that the hands-on learning and practical elements of the degree course that are applicable and allow for both being the scientist and the subject so you can learn cool information about yourself! In particular, I enjoyed our Environmental Physiology labs where we got to use the heat chamber in the lab and test how our bodies react differently (measuring heart rate/oxygen uptake etc.) to cycling in 40-degree heat in comparison to a control (room temperature). 

There are so many facilities to help you learn

The University has many different libraries and study spaces but I found the health science library group area my favourite as a lot of people tend to go there you can talk to course mates about things you are struggling with and makes revision/coursework more manageable

Joining the Sports Science Society to meet new people

I enjoyed meeting new people and making friends with people on my course and through the academic societies, I joined Sport Science Society -  to get more involved with the University and to get to know course mates better outside of lectures and also meeting people in different years too.  LUU has hundreds of societies and the academic societies are well set up and allow for the chance to meet people outside of lectures Yes definitely – the academic society allows you to make friends with people who may not be in your labs etc. and also for students to take on roles and develop their skills there which is a great opportunity. 

Students are supported and offered help if you need it

The University of Leeds has everything and there is a lot to get involved with and there is a lot of student support. On our course, we get consultation hours which are designated time that staff are available for students to go and ask questions or talk to them individually. This means we know help is always available to us if we need it. The course itself is really interesting and lots of different types of coursework – useful to work on your presentation skills or structuring/writing etc.)

Volunteering outside the of lectures 

In my free time, I volunteer at the Sue Ryder Hospice which I got involved in due to talking to my tutor in her consultation hours. My tutor was able to give me advice on how to get involved with more things outside of my lectures and told me about the opening at the hospice. I have also been volunteering as a course rep since my first year and this gives me the chance to liaise with the faculty staff about any concerns with my course. In second year I applied to be School Rep - and I really enjoyed seeing what goes on between staff and how feedback goes through the system at a faculty level.