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Amelia Websdale

Welcome to Leeds!

I chose Leeds because I loved the friendly and close-knit community feel the campus and city have!

A tailored degree

I enjoyed the flexibility to choose modules. This meant I could really hone in on my interests and further my knowledge in areas which I was passionate about

My final year dissertation project was a highlight for me, I found my area really interesting. Being able to have more independence over my work was great too, as it allowed me to do things at my own pace as well as choose what I wrote about!

Adapting to unforeseen challenges

Initially, the remote learning during the pandemic was really difficult as it was hard to keep to a timetable and motivate myself! But over time I got used to it and I now prefer the online lectures as it means I can listen to them at my own pace and fit it around personal commitments such as sport.

Experience is everything

Playing lots of sport and doing a full time degree definitely helped me with time management, which are key for success at medical school. The independence that came with my course gave me skills in self-directed study.

In my second year we were also able to undertake mock interviews. I chose to do a mock medical school interview and this really helped when it came to the real thing!

My next steps

I have spent my summer holidays working as a clinical support worker at Leeds General Infirmary and travelling around Australia! I am now about to start a medical degree at the University of Manchester.

Jump in with both feet!

Do what you enjoy. There’s no substitute for happiness. Find a course you love and immerse yourself in university life! Enjoy your time at Leeds, it will fly by.