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A vibrant city and welcoming community 

I chose to study in Leeds because it is a vibrant and welcoming city that has a large student population, so there are always plenty of opportunities to explore and have fun! Being in the centre of the UK, Leeds is also well-connected to other major cities, making it easy to travel to and from. I love the size of the city, it never feels too daunting but at the same time has so much to do! 

Top highlights in Leeds: Otley runs! Exploring all the independent bars and restaurants! Ilkley Moor! 

I have been a member of Leeds Freestyle dance society since first year! I’ve met so many amazing friends through it and we take part in so many fun opportunities like showcases and national competitions. 

An outstanding student experience   

I chose to study neuroscience because, despite having never heard of it as a course before exploring the courses Leeds had to offer, I knew immediately that it was a subject I had great fascination for! The more I learnt about it, the more I also appreciated the impact it can have on society. 

I enjoyed the practicals the most! I like getting hands on experience to put your knowledge into practice. It’s also a fun opportunity to get to know your course mates better, outside the lecture environment. 

Leeds has plenty of libraries so you’re never short of a study space. The labs are also well equipped for practical sessions. 

I’m not 100% sure about my plans after graduation yet! I definitely want to take a mini break from education and do some travelling but once I’ve done that I have been thinking about applying to the NHS STP Neurophysiology programme. 

Doing a placement year 

As part of my placement, my primary role was to support the planning, implementation, and monitoring of clinical trials. My placement gave me good background of the clinical pharmaceutical setting which is useful knowledge to have, whether I choose to stay in clinical or not in the future. The three main skills the placement helped me improve are: Organisation, Confidence and Leadership 

My advice for those considering to undertake a placement year is: Go for it! It is a great experience which will not only look great on your CV but will help you decide which career pathway you do or don’t want to go down.