Ashleigh Goodenough


PhD (April 2019 - current): Effects of the physical properties of perineuronal nets on synaptic plasticity.


1. To successfully culture adult neurons with perineuronal nets relevant to those observed in vivo. 

2. To probe the physical attributes of perineuronal nets using atomic force micrsocopy (AFM). 

3. To determine whether stiffness of the perineuronal net affects number of synapses the neuron forms. 

Research interests

  • Perineuronal Nets: part of the extracellular matrix that forms a mesh around certain populations of neurons. They are a natural part of neural development and they act to limit neural plasticity. 
  • Neural plasticity: specific patterns of synaptic activity result in changes in synaptic strength and is thought to contribute to learning and memory.
  • Cell mechanobiology: how physical forces control the behaviour of cells.

MRes Neuroscience (2017-2018): 'Development of an in vivo probe for perineuronal nets' 

BSc Neuroscience (2014-2017)


  • PhD, April 2019 - current
  • MRes Neuroscience, 2017-2018
  • BSc Neuroscience, 2014-2017