Zoology international student at University of Leeds

Rakel Hanson

Why did you choose the University of Leeds?

I felt Leeds University would be the good fit for me. It had great lecturers, many different social activities to fit any mood and it was located in a great city with a good reputation.

After comparing Zoology courses in different universities I found that the course here at Leeds university had the right emphasis that I was looking for. They offered a wide variety of modules you could choose from which allowed me to tailor my studies to my interests. 

What do you enjoy about the course?

I have really enjoyed the field courses that have been available to us. We have gone to Pembrokeshire, Scarborough, South of Spain and South Africa. I feel like you learn more in the field courses than you could ever do just by sitting in a lecture. The field courses are well set up, and you never end up doing the same thing everyday. The subjects that we have undertaken have been widely diverse and interesting. 

Tell us about some of the exciting projects you have completed so far?

My favourite projects so far were the ones we got to complete in South Africa. Our overall theme of the trip was to look at the concept of “landscape of fear” so our projects included bird behaviour towards predators, ungulate vigilance and ungulate densities in areas with predators. These were all so exciting and it was great to be able to take part in all those diverse project in one field course

How have you found life in Leeds and how has staff support helped you through your time at university?

Life in Leeds has been fantastic. I’m always excited to come back after holidays and return to my little life in Leeds. There is always something exciting to do here such as concerts, markets and nights out so you are never bored.

The staff here have always been wonderful, they offer any form of guidance that I may need and are always ready to help and give advice if need be. However I have always admired how they do not treat me any different from the English students here. I have always admired this, as I would not like to be treated as an outsider but rather part of the team.

Are there any restaurants or activities you have enjoyed in Leeds that you would recommend?

Leeds has a fantastic array of different restaurants and bars all over the city. I am a great lover of food and have really enjoyed trying different places. What makes this possible is the reasonable prices of most of the restaurants and bars in the area.

Leeds is also highly known for its nightlife and after living here its reputation precedes it. There are clubs and bars that suite every occasion and every music taste, ranging from soul/funk to grime/garage. Anybody coming to study at Leeds will definitely find something that suits them.