Biotechnology with Enterprise student at University of Leeds

Charlotte Knight

Why did you choose the University of Leeds?

I was looking for a course that would combine Biology and Business and the University of Leeds was one of the only universities offering a degree that integrated both subjects into one course. When I saw the amazing field trips offered along with the opportunity to undertake a year in industry as part of my degree, I knew that studying here would prepare me for my professional future in the best possible way.

What key aspects of your experience of Leeds would you highlight to students thinking about coming do the same course?

Biology with Enterprise has allowed me to explore a wide range of topics in the field of Biology while also developing my entrepreneurial skills. Our enterprise modules bring together students from all other ‘with enterprise’ courses such as Music, Social Policy, and Biotechnology, which has been great for meeting people from various backgrounds. I have really enjoyed the flexibility of the course and choice of modules which allows me to shape my degree to my chosen interests.

How have the facilities (libraries/labs etc.) helped you get the most out of your degree?

The Faculty of Biological Sciences has incredible lab facilities with the latest technology and friendly demonstrators to guide students during practicals. My favourite place to study is the Edward Boyle Library, which is home to all my essential reading for both Biology and Business. It offers areas of silent study perfect for working individually as well as group booths and rooms that you can book if you want to work with friends or any group.

What are your ambitions for the future? Do you have specific career plans? Has the Faculty (careers centre/lecturers etc.) helped you with these goals in any way?

The multifaceted nature of my course has sparked my interest in the application of Biology to an international business context, so I am aiming to work for an international company where I could combine my fields of study. I took a module called “Career and Professional Development for Life Scientists” which helped me understand what skills employers are looking for and how to achieve them. The lecturers were part of the university’s career centre which helps students with anything related to careers and work experience, such as going through the application and interview process.

Anything else?

I am currently working as a social media intern for the Faculty of Biological Sciences where I create and schedule posts on the faculty’s Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter pages. This opportunity to work with the marketing team has piqued my interest in the way that scientific concepts can be delivered through marketing and advertising. Right now I am working on an exciting project called “#AskCharlotte” where students are encouraged to ask me any questions they may have about studying at the University of Leeds.