Megan Tresise


I completed my BSc Zoology undergraduate degree here at Leeds between 2015-2018, graduating with a 2:1. In the summer between graduating from my undergraduate course and beginning my postgraduate course I was a fieldwork assistant to a PhD student for 5 weeks, helping her to collect soil, invertebrate and vegetation data across several farms in the East of England. During this time, I made connections with staff at RSPB Hope Farm, who later helped me to set up my own winter project during my MRes Biodiversity and Conservation course. This project looked at the driving factors of songbird territory location in the hedgerows of RSPB Hope Farm. For my summer project I performed a randomised response survey with visitors of Chester Zoo to analyse their ‘pro-conservation’ behaviours, such as recycling electrics and eating a vegetarian diet. 

In January 2020 I began my interdisciplinary PhD (School of Biology and Priestley International Centre for Climate), from which I hope to identify: 1) the current greenhouse gas (GHG) footprint of arable farming in England & Wales, 2) strategies to achieve ‘net zero’ GHG emissions in an arable system and whether this is possible by the government target of 2050, and 3) whether a net zero arable system will be resilient to future climate change impacts by avoiding any damage to yields, profitability or the environment. 

Research interests

My current research interests revolve around the following:

  • Understanding the science of cropland soils – e.g. soil organic carbon pools; where and how much carbon can be sequestered from the atmosphere to offset GHG emissions
  • Calculate and understand agricultural GHG emissions using IPCC and UNFCCC supported methodologies – by crop, farm practice, farm size and region
  • Using farm management, soil and climate data to statistically model net zero scenarios to be tailored to holdings of different sizes and from different regions
  • Communicate with farmers about GHG mitigation and adaptation strategies
  • Spatially analyse net zero scenarios using GIS to predict future resilience with Met Office UKCP18 climate projections and identify any trade-offs for policy consideration


I am a member of the Climate Impacts Group (SEE) and the Global Food and Environment Institute (GFEI), and my project is associated with N8 Agrifood Programme.

Priestley PGR page:


  • BSc Zoology, University of Leeds
  • MRes Biodiversity and Conservation, University of Leeds