Student and alumni profiles

Find out what our current students think about our courses, where our alumni are now and how their experiences at Leeds have helped them in their career.

Name Course Nationality
Andrew Shafik Andrew Shafik MSc Sport and Exercise Medicine British
This is a photo of Ashly, a Masters student studying MSc Biopharmaceutical Development. She is sitting down in front of a table working on a laptop. There is a lamp next to her which is turned on. She is looking at the camera. Ashly Shagee MSc Biopharmaceutical Development (Industrial Placement)
Celina Worraker MSc Drug Discovery
Dana Jarrah MSc Infection, Immunity and Human Disease
Daniel Davis graduated from the Faculty of Biological Sciences in 2016. He studied BSc Neuroscience. Daniel Davis BSc Neuroscience
Diogo Diogo Ann Onuselogu MSc Precision Medicine: Genomics & Analytics
Elizabeth Cooper Elizabeth Cooper MSc Biodiversity and Conservation with African Field Course
PhD student Emma Cawood writing on a board in a lab at the University of Leeds. Emma Cawood Wellcome Trust 4-year PhD Programme Australian
Fintan Grogan, BSc Sport and Exercise Sciences Fintan Grogan BSc Sport and Exercise Sciences
Francesca Picucci BSc Biological Sciences (Industrial)
This picture shows a woman standing in front of a red brick building and a hedge. She is wearing black graduation robes with a green collar. She is smiling. Georgina Neumann MSc Infection, Immunity and Human Disease
PhD student Grace Roberts sat in a science lab at the University of Leeds. Grace Roberts PhD
Hannah Abdly case study image Hannah Abdly BSc Medical Sciences (Industrial Placement)
A photo of Jack Carney, a Biodiversity and Conservation MSc student at the University of Leeds, sat outside with a book and a leaf. Jack Carney MSc Biodiversity and Conservation
This image shows a man standing in a field of heather. There are two women in the background. They are all wearing coats, gloves and hats. The man is smiling and giving two thumbs up. Jack Walker MSc Biodiversity and Conservation
Image of a male undergraduate student standing in a laboratory. He is wearing a white lab coat with a yellow collar over a purple hoody. He is also wearing blue gloves and holding a piece of equipment. He is looking directly at the camera and smiling. Jordan Ramcharita BSc Biotechnology with Enterprise Trinidadian and Tobagan
Kristyna Jindrova Kristyna Jindrova BSc Medical Sciences Czech Republic
Kyle Foster Kyle Foster Musculoskeletal Medicine PGCert British
Lily Ha Lily Ha MSc Precision Medicine: Genomics and Analytics
Lowri Thomas profile Lowri Thomas MBiol Zoology
Lucas Coutin Lucas Coutin BSc Ecology & Conservation Biology British
Luke Cunliffe Luke Cunliffe BSc Pharmacology (Industrial) British
Lydia shale profile image Lydia Shale Sports Science and Physiology British
Magda Hernandez, a Bioscience Masters student at the University of Leeds, sitting at a table with a notebook. Magda Hernandez MSc Bioscience American
Natasha Bury BSc Biochemistry
Natasha murray case study profile Natasha Murray BSc Zoology
Niamh Teague Niamh Teague MSc Precision Medicine: Genomics & Analytics
University of Leeds PhD student Owen Cornwell in a lab. Owen Cornwell PhD Biological Mass Spectrometry
Safiya Dixon Safiya Dixon Bsc Ecology and Conservation British
This image shows a woman standing on a wooden bridge in the middle of a forest. She is smiling. Samantha Hover PhD in molecular and cellular biology
Sioned Williams Sioned Williams MBiol, BSc Neuroscience (Ind)
Toby Allington resized Toby Allington MBiol Biology
International student Yi Song pictured in a science lab at the University of Leeds. Yi Song MSc Infection, Immunity and Human Disease Chinese