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The three states of myosin – at the top, in its inactive state; in the middle, its active state and at the bottom combining to form myosin filaments.

A visualisation made from nearly 100,000 electron microscope images has revealed the ingenious way a protein involved in muscle activity shuts itself down to conserve energy.

Bull in field.

Scientists have conducted a ‘molecular dissection’ of a part of the virus that causes foot-and-mouth disease, to try and understand why the pathogen is so infectious.

FSC certified paper weighing boats, reusable glass Petri dishes and reusable glass syringes.

Single-use plastic consumption in the Leeds Protein Production Facility (PPF), a core research facility within the Faculty of Biological Sciences, is being reduced.

Mumbai, India

The University of Leeds has secured part of a new £147 million research initiative to work with developing nations on the world's biggest challenges.

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Scientists have discovered how drug-like small molecules can regulate the activity of therapeutically relevant ion channels - and their findings could transform ongoing drug development efforts.