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The RiboCode project team smile at the camera

A national group of researchers, who are aiming to discover how ‘specialised ribosomes’ decode their target genes, have officially launched their ambitious project.

Dr. Hou presenting at British Council awards

An alum from the Faculty of Biological Sciences, who has advanced multiple drugs into clinical trials, has been recognised by the British Council.

From left to right: Dr Shammi Chinnappa, Marina Mitra, Dr Katie Spencer, Dr Sunil Daga

A master’s student in the School of Biomedical Sciences has been awarded the annual Med-Chi Prize for her research into the extent of physical activity advice offered by midwives.

The Nectary

A spectacular art installation, designed by Leeds based visual artist Alison Smith and inspired by research from Dr Christopher Hassall in the School of Biology, has dazzled visitors in Salford.

Sketched graphic of different scenarios

A group of researchers, including Professors Tim Benton and Stefan Kepinski in the School of Biology, have launched a report to support decision makers plan for net zero.