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Picture of the COVID-19 viruses

Recent studies show that potential sources of new SARS-CoV-2 variants could emerge from people who experience chronic COVID infections and animals but they are likely not variants of concern.

A black ant with wings beside another black ant on a rock

Flying Ant Day is upon us, with Leeds residents reporting winged insects appearing on driveways, in gardens and whizzing through the air.

A Bromeliad plant

People are becoming “disconnected from the botanical world” at a time when plants could help solve global environmental problems, warn a group of research scientists.

Headshot of a live chicken - with blurred chickens in the background.

A Government task force set up to find new ways to contain outbreaks of bird flu will feature expertise from the University.

Phosphate mining in Togo

Global mismanagement of phosphorus is threatening food security and polluting water, according to a new report into the use of the finite nutrient.