Claire Smith


I lead the Student Education Service for the Faculty of Biological Sciences, overseeing the Faculty team that delivers admissions, assessment, student support, programme support, employability and quality assurance.

The Student Education Service underpins every element of the student experience, from maintaining and improving academic standards to providing co-curricular opportunities and student support. Covering the range of activities from recruitment and admissions through to classification, graduation and beyond, our Service aims to provide high quality support for the delivery of teaching and learning and an exceptional experience for students.  I work in conjunction with colleagues across the institution to develop the Service in line with its principles of quality, equity, consistency and opportunity for students and for staff.

Student education


  • Member of Faculty Taught Student Education Committee (Faculty Student Education Manager)
  • Member of Taught Student Recruitment Group
  • In attendance of Undergraduate School Taught Student Education Committee (Faculty Student Education Service Manager)