Jalil Yesufu, PhD


I am a Research fellow in sustainable farming systems and life cycle assessment  (LCA) in the PigProgram research project at the University of Leeds. My current LCA utilizes data from environmental monitoring equipment on a commercial pig farm to model and validate the impacts of green ammonia harvesting of pig manure. I have consistently applied my expertise to develop models that highlight sustainable pathways in food production and ensure the continuous improvement of farm systems through integration of novel agricultural research. Previous modelling work has covered a range of agricultural activities such as soil carbon modelling, LCA of bioenergy/arable crop integration, bioenergy/livestock integration and LCA of food waste pathways and conversion systems. 

Research interests

Prinicipal research interest lie in the interface of agriculture and energy, sustainable food production and agricultural related systems


  • Authors: Astley Hastings, Michal Mos, Jalil A. Yesufu, Jon McCalmont, Kai Schwarz, Reza Shafei, Chris Ashman, Chris Nunn, Heinrich Schuele, Salvatore Cosentino, Giovanni Scalici, Danilo Scordia, Moritz Wagner and John Clifton-Brown

             Year: 2017

             Title: Environmental and economic assessment of seed and rhizome propagated miscanthus in UK

             Journal: Frontiers in science


  • Authors: Jalil Yesufu, Jon P. McCalmont, John C. Clifton‐Brown, Prysor Williams, John Hyland, James Gibbons, David Styles

           Year: 2019

           Title: Consequential life cycle assessment of miscanthus livestock bedding, diverting straw to bioelectricity generation

           Journal: Global change, biology and bioenergy


  • Authors: David Styles, Jalil Yesufu, Martin Bowman, A. Prysor Williams, Colm Duffy, Karen Luyckx  Year: 2022

           Title: Climate mitigation efficacy of anaerobic digestion in a decarbonising economy

           Journal: Journal of Cleaner Production


  • Authors: Ebrima A. A. Jallow, Lamin B. Sonko, Dumevi Rexford Mawunyo, Jalil Yesufu 

          Year: 2022

          Title: Assessment of aflatoxin awareness in The Gambia

          Journal: African Journal of Agricultural Research

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  • PhD in agriculture (LCA)