Jillian Daniel


I started work at The University of Leeds in 1983 as a research technician in the Department of Radiotherapy, based at Cookridge hospital. I worked in cancer research under the supervision of Dr. John Dyson. The primary work I was involved with was tissue culture work, growing up multicellular tumour spheriods from patient biopsys and then investigating the effects of cytotoxic chemotherarapy with relation to viability and growth rate. During this time I was co-author in 4 publications;

The effect of Sodium Butyrate on the growth characteristics of human cervix tumour cells. J.E.Dyson, J.M.Daniel and C.S.Surrey. British Journal of Cancer, Vol.65 pp 803-808 1992.

Use of laser diffraction particle sizer for the measurement of mean diameter of multicellular tumour sheriods. C.D.Boothby, J.M.Daniel, S.Adam and J.E.Dyson. In Vitro Cellular and Developmental Biology Vol. 25 pp 946-950 1989.

Effects of hyperthermia, irradiation and cytotoxic drugs on fluorescein isothiocyanate staining intensity for flow cytometry. J.E.Dyson, J.B.McLaughlin, C.S.Surrey, D.M.Simmons and J.M.Daniel. Cytometry Vol.8 pp26-34 1987.

Kinetic and physiological studies of cell death induced by chemotherapeutic agents of hyperthermia. J.E.Dyson, D.M.Simmons, J.M.Daniel, J.B.McLaughlin, P.Quirke and C.C.Bird. Cell and Tissue Kinetics. Vol. 19 pp 311-324 1986.

In 1994 I transferred to the Department of Physiology at the University of Leeds, based on the main campus. I worked here still as a research technician under the supervision of Dr Anne King researching into cellular and molecular mechanisms that underlie perception of pain.  The techniques used were Histological and immunohistological staining and molecular techniques such as DNA extraction, PCR and gel electrophoresis. Research topics I have been involved with are; Substance P innervation and excitation of deep dorsal horn neurones, Glutamate metabotropic receptors and transporters in the spinal cord, Serotonin in dorsal horn nociceptive systems and Adenosine and nociceptive circuitry. During this time I successfully completed my City and Guilds Graduateship and MSc, along with been cited for technical assistance on a further 9 publications.

In 2002 I commenced my current appointment as a senior teaching technician in the Faculty of Biological Sciences, delivering practical classes to undergraduate students, demonstrating practical techniques and use of equipment. In conjunction with this role, I completed my NDLTH, teaching qualification and between 2008 and 2016 I successfully completed a part-time PhD investigating neurogenesis in the spinal cord. My supervisors were Dr Susan Deuchars and Prof Jim Deuchars and 2 further publications were obtained from this work Cholinergic Enhancement of Cell Proliferation in the Postnatal Neurogenic Niche of the Mammalian Spinal Cord.L.F.Corns, L.Atkinson, J.Daniel, I.J.Edwards, L.New, J.Deuchars and S.A,Deuchars.  Stem Cells, 33(9), pp.2864-2876.  

Organotypic Spinal Cord Slice Cultures and a method to detect cell prolifferation in these slices. J.M.Daniel, J.Deuchars, S.A..Deuchars. Bio-protocol. Vol 6. Issue: 19, Oct 05 2016.


  • PhD
  • MSc
  • City and Guilds Graduateship,
  • HNC

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