Visualising protein dynamics in protein aggregation (BBSRC CTP with Medimmune)


Dr David Brockwell

Prof. Sheena Radford

Project description

Proteins perform a wide variety of functions essential for life. For many proteins, the ability to undergo conformational changes while maintaining their native folded structure is essential for their function.  Unfortunately, the need for protein dynamics can result in an increased risk of aggregation as 'hotspots' that are usually buried in the core of the protein become transiently exposed, triggering an aggregation cascade.

A key question of vital importance therefore is to understand how and why proteins transiently unfold and how this causes aggregation which impacts on both on our understanding of diseases such as Parkinson’s and our ability to use proteins for biotechnology.  The goal of this BBSRC Collaborative Training Partnership PhD studentship between Brockwell and Radford and our collaborators at Astra Zeneca is to use biochemical and biophysical assays to decipher how and why proteins unfold and to discover new ways of preventing aggregation.

The student employed will gain experience in molecular biology, biochemistry, protein chemistry, and cutting-edge structural and biophysical methods and will also have the opportunity to work alongside colleagues in industry.

Key benefits

BBSRC funded Medimmune Collaborative Training Partnership 4 year studentship. Studentships covers UK/EU fees and stipend (c.£14,553) for 4 years to start as soon as possible.

Entry requirements

Applicants should have/be expecting at least a 2.1 Hons. degree in a relevant subject. EU candidates require 3 years of UK residency in order to receive full studentship. If English if not your first language you will be required to meet the university language requirements before registration

How to apply

Please apply online

Please include supervisor name and project title.  A research proposal is not required.  Please upload a CV and transcripts.

How to apply (email)

How to apply (phone)

+44 (0)113 343 8186