Dance On Toolkit National Launch and Networking Lunch

Join the organisations, researchers from the School of Biomedical Sciences and partners involved in the innovative evidence-based Dance On programme.

Dance On is a community-based dance programme aimed at tackling inactivity and improving wellbeing, led by darts, Yorkshire Dance, University of Leeds and One Dance UK in Leeds, Bradford and Doncaster.

The event will take place at Yorkshire Dance, Studio Theatre, St Peter’s Square, Leeds, LS9 8AH.

Programme for the day

Teas and Coffees are available from 10.00am

10.30:   Welcome to Yorkshire Dance           

10.45:   Jodie Bridger and Russ Turner  – ‘Bringing to life how Dance On has been embedded in Doncaster’s place-based, whole systems approach to tackling inactivity.’   

Jodie is Senior Partnerships Manager for Get Doncaster Moving.  Russ is Place Partnerships Manager at Sport England.  

10.55:   Dr Sarah AstillFaculty of Biological Sciences, University of Leeds – ‘The design and evaluation of ‘Dance On:’ An evidence-based dance programme to increase physical activity and wellbeing in older people.’ 

Sarah will give a brief insight into how research underpinned the development of Dance On, and the subsequent evaluation of Dance On as a means of increasing physical activity and improving wellbeing in older people.  

Dr Sarah Astill, is the Principal Investigator (research) on the Dance On programme and has led a series of research studies investigating the impact of Dance On on physical activity levels and wellbeing in older people, as well as determining the cost effectiveness of the programme for modifying risk factors that causes falls. 

11.15:   Dance On Taster with Laura Liddon        

11.30:   ‘The Dance On Toolkit – who is it for and where the learning might take us next’ with Lucy Robertshaw and Charlotte Armitage         

Lucy is the Director (Arts & Health) at darts and Charlie is a Core Artist at darts 

11.50:   Q&A with Hannah Robertshaw, Creative Director of Yorkshire Dance                        

12.30:   Lunch              

1.15 – 3.00:   Round table discussion groups     

Explore one of the following topics with fellow attendees:

      • What would the benefits of programs like Dance On be for your community or environment? Who would experience the benefits and what difference would it make to them?
      • What are the challenges or barriers that you face in implementing dance activity into your community or environment? Who, what, where and when are these barriers coming up for you?
      • How will you use the evidence and information presented here today to enable opportunities for dance practice to be implemented in your environment? What is one action you might take tomorrow to start this?      

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This event is funded by Sport England

Image: Dance On darts (c) James Mulkeen