Horizons Methods Link 1

Discover how methods can start an interdisciplinary conversation

Understanding research methodologies from different disciplines can be a way of breaking down disciplinary barriers and starting interdisciplinary conversations. In these sessions researchers from different disciplines will be challenged to find commonality in their research methods and see whether this commonality might present a way to work together.

For the first of the Methods Link sessions, join Horizons Institute to watch Prof Stuart Taberner from the Faculty of Arts, Humanities and Culture and Dr Andrea Utley from the Faculty of Biological Sciences as they attempt to find commonality in their methods and approach to research.

As a participant, for this online session you will initally be asked to join one of our invited academics who will give you a short overview on the methods they use in their research. The second part of the session will be a discussion between the two academics to see where their methods or approaches may be similar. Participants will be invited to share observations and ask questions towards the end of the discussion.

Stuart Taberner is a Professor in the School of Languages, Cultures and Societies and Director of the Horizons Institute. His areas of expertise include German literature, Holocaust studies, Jewish studies, transnationalism, globalisation, conflict, migration and forced displacement, arts and humanities reasearch, and global development and the SDGs.

Andrea Utley is from the School of Biomedical Sciences and is a Reader in Motor Control and Development. Her research focusses on the mechanisms of control and disorders of co-ordination in conditions. A particular research interest is how children and adults with a range of movement difficulties are able to control their movements in a variety of contexts.

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