Ask the researcher with Dr Aiqin Lu

Empower your knee and move free: A smart robotic knee device

Did you know that 4.71 million people in the UK are currently battling knee osteoarthritis? This condition can lead to disability and joint irritation, making everyday life a struggle. 

To overcome this problem, Dr. Aiqin Liu’s research team has developed a smart robotic knee device designed to revolutionize rehabilitation journeys. 

This cutting-edge technology is not just about recovery; it's about empowerment, real-time progress monitoring, and a tailored approach to user’s needs.  

What makes this innovation so exciting? Here are some key highlights:

  • Real-Time Monitoring: Say goodbye to guesswork. This smart robotic knee device keeps a constant eye on your progress, ensuring that every step you take is in the right direction.
  • Muscle Force Support: Strengthening your muscles is crucial in OA recovery. This device provides real-time support to enhance your muscle-building efforts, making your rehabilitation sessions more effective.
  • Real-Time Feedback: Receive immediate feedback during your rehabilitation training. Know exactly where you excel and where you can improve, putting you in control of your journey to wellness.

To ensure that the smart knee device is designed with users in mind, we want to hear from you.

Your feedback is invaluable to guide the prototype design to meet user’s needs and expectations.

Get involved by attending ‘Meet the researcher’ on Monday 20th November, 11am-12:30pm at The Old Fire Station, Gipton Approach, LS9 6NL. 

Book your place by emailing or call 0113 392 4474.