Intelligent Assessment in the age of AI

Share your ideas on how we can incorporate Artificial Intelligence into teaching.

Assessment in education is being transformed by generative artificial intelligence (GenAI), such as ChatGPT and other large language models (LLMs).

Through a greater shared understanding of these tools, we can adapt assessment strategies to enhance student's learning and incorporate AI tools into the assessment process. Understanding the capabilities and limitations of AI can provide an important learning opportunity for a student to incorporate these tools meaningfully into their assessment and future work, rather than a means to bypass the system. 

Join Dr Matt Bawn (School of Molecular and Cellular Biology) and Dr Ruth Norman (School of Biomedical Sciences) to discuss how the education sector can design more “Intelligent Assessment” (IA) that takes into account the capabilities of AI but still provides students with authentic assessment that constructively aligns with learning outcomes and content.

The workshop, which is delivered in partnership with University of East Anglia and funded by HUBS, will include presentations from expert Nigel Francis (Cardiff University) who will outline challenges and opportunities in this area, as well as smaller group breakouts to discuss ideas in more detail.

The event is open to external and internal academics working across Biological Sciences.

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This event is a hybrid event. Details on how to join the workshop will be sent to the email address you register with.